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Intellectual Property Lawyers
Intellectual property laws cover a large set of rights and protections. Intellectual property is not just a U.S. law, either—nations around the world have laws to protect intellectual works, and in this day and age of globalization it is important to understand that, and know not only how your acts or works are regarded under U.S. law, but what implications your work and action might hold across the borders and the internet as well.

There are three major areas that intellectual property lawyers deal with; those are Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks. These are legal distinctions used by corporations, businesses, brands, and private individuals to protect their work and ideas. Within these are included expressions, information, designs, symbols, inventions, and a vast array of rights and attributions.

Intellectual Property - Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks

The difficulty in dealing with intellectual property laws is that there is a large perceived gray area as the laws are interpreted differently by different people for different uses. What this comes to mean is that even innocent uses of works and intellectual property may be an infringement, and that at times people unknowingly break the law.

This also means that if you are the producer, the rightful owner of such a work you need to protect yourself by gaining trustworthy legal advice so that you can determine when someone has infringed on your rights. And along with that you should know that there are many ways for your work to be used, licensed, rented, and sold.

Clearly there are many potential uses for a law firm or legal council that specializes in this type of law. And to know the difference—to know where the gray areas end—you need a lawyer who is an expert in knowing where the law is black and white so that they can help interpret it for you, and so that they can advise, represent you and defend you in New York intellectual property cases, whichever side of the case you might find yourself on.

Fortunately Western New York does have many excellent intellectual property lawyers within its borders; finding one, however, can still be an overwhelming task. It is our goal to make that task much easier, by connecting you, through our free consultation form, to the WNY legal professionals you need. Our services extend throughout WNY, from Buffalo NY to Amherst, Niagara Falls, and beyond to the entire western region of the state. We can easily assist you in locating the right lawyers or law firm for all intellectual property legal queries in and around western New York.
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