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Welcome to, the number one source for locating dedicated and reliable attorneys who specialize in all areas of the law. From real estate and corporate to criminal and personal injury law our site can put you in touch with the finest lawyers in each category. Whether you are in Buffalo, Amherst or any of the other surrounding Western New York areas you can trust us to assist you in finding the best attorney available for your unique situation.

Finding a lawyer can be a difficult, confusing and often daunting task. Law covers such a wide range of categories that people seldom know the appropriate way to go about attaining the attorney or law firm that can best suit their needs. This is why we at have put together an efficient and trustworthy method to connect you with a lawyer who specializes in the exact area you require assistance in.

We know how stressful certain legal situations can be. That is why we will do all in our power find an attorney capable of easing your situation as soon as possible. Take a few moments to fill out our form and in no time our database will locate the lawyer or law firm who is best suited for your case.

Legal Specialties:

Bankruptcy Lawyers
Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organizations to pay their creditors.

Commercial Lawyers
The law that controls business and commerce. (Often called Business Law).

Consumer Lawyers
The law which looks out for the wellbeing of the consumers and regulates the interaction between them and the businesses providing goods and services.

Corporate Lawyers
Corporate law governs how all of the individual areas of a corporation interact with those they are providing goods and services for.

Criminal Lawyers
Criminal law (also referred to as Penal Law) is the set of rules and regulations depending on jurisdiction which determines punishments for those who don't comply.

Discrimination Lawyers
Discrimination law covers the wrongful treatment of an individual due to their characteristics.

DUI / DWI Lawyers
DUI / DWI law covers areas where the driver or operator of a vehicle has been found to be mentally impaired due to the consumption of alcohol.

Estate & Trust Lawyers
Estate & Trust law covers property which is controlled or managed by one person for the benefit of another.

Real Estate Lawyers
Real estate law covers the rules and regulations which pertain to stationary property and all that is affixed to it.

Intellectual Property Lawyers
Intellectual property laws cover the rights pertaining to ones created works.

Personal Injury Lawyers
Personal injury law pertains to a person who has suffered a physical or mental injury due to another's actions.

Taxation Lawyers
Taxation law covers all forms of government levies on transactions of the economy.

White Collar Crime Lawyers
White collar crime refers to criminal activity performed by a person of high stature during his or her occupation.

Each of these legal categories has its own expert lawyers which focus most or all of their time and energy to that particular area of law. That is why finding a specialty lawyer will generally give you an advantage over those seeking counsel from an attorney or individual who covers a broader range of issues.

So whether you are in Buffalo, Amherst, Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Kenmore, Niagara Falls or any of the surrounding Western New York areas we can help you to find the specialty lawyer who best suits your needs. From discrimination and bankruptcy lawyers to DUI and criminal defense lawyers we can put you in touch. Trust your legal networking to the experts. Let our legal knowledge be your advantage.
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